Tonda is the display case for homemade gelato in which gelato makers around the world protect and add value to their art. Tonda gives the gelato the joyful dimension of universal youth belonging to it. The gelato rotates in a multicoloured turret, to be relished with the eyes before conceding to the pleasures of taste. Tonda perfectly preserves the gelato and displays it like an emotion, it offers ergonomics and comfort with excellent inclination and rotation of flavours towards the operator, it defends the environment thanks to the choice of materials and energy saving. To give this project shape and technology, the IFI R&D department has worked with a designer with refined experimental qualities: Makio Hasuike. Together they moulded the laws of physics of the thermodynamics, of advanced computing and applied the know-how of the more profound Italian culture.

A sign represents its essence: Michele Provinciali, one of the founders of Italian graphics, with his extraordinary sense of finesse and ability to transport it with grace on to the blank page, has cultivated its deepest soul.


As of today, Tonda is dressed in Abet Laminati, Bisazza, Gobbetto: high-quality and high-design labels. Visit Tonda’s “wardrobe”: TONDA'S WONDERLAND



Enter the magical dreamlike atmosphere of Tonda and watch the video:



COSMOPOLITAN has been designed by Marco Valerio Agretti , architect, in collaboration with IFI Research and Development Department.

Elegant and metropolitan, COSMOPOLITAN is furniture with flowing shapes, characterised by a soft, generous countertop over panelling in a wide range of materials and finishes: veneers, laminates and lacquers.